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Welcome to the Home Page of H-G Firearms LLC!

For more than thirty years we have been professionally involved in bulletsmithing, gunsmithing, and custom cartridge design and loading. We are proud to offer our products and services to discriminating shooters and handloaders everywhere.

Our primary efforts here have been centered on custom gun work for quite sometime now, and we see it as our bread and butter. We are ready to take on just about any project you want. We love wildcats. And the odd and obscure. Feel free to through any ideas our way. The gunsmithing price list is sort of an open guideline. But we prefer to talk over any ideas you have, they can often be packaged up at a savings to you.

Our first efforts at bulletsmithing came in the form of cast pistol bullets, and an attempt to save a little money on our high volume handgun plinking. There were a few pitfalls and problems, but fairly quickly we learned to cast accurate projectiles, and a lifelong love affair with bullet making was born. We soon began to experiment with the then still new heavyweight handgun bullets, and such oddities as soft nosed expanding cast bullets, two piece bullets, heat treating and tempering processes, anything that seemed to offer new or exciting results on paper or game.

Not too long after we began casting, we came along a set of dies that made 22 caliber bullets from spent 22 rimfire cases and scrap lead. As we had also taken up the dollar bill gobbling pursuit of precision varmint rifles, anything that offered nearly "free" bullets sound like it might be worth a try! In all honesty, our first efforts offered pretty mixed results, and certainly wouldn't have fallen into the high precision catagory. But it did peak our interests, and very soon we were rounding up a much more serious set of dies and components with which to try our hand.

In the early 80's we opened our first shop, offering general gunsmithing services, blueing, barrel fitting, and custom reloaded ammo. We also acquired our very first 17 caliber centerfire rifle - A Rem 700 chambered in 17 Rem. And a new door was opened! The rifle was fun, accurate, and by no means as shrewish and unpredictable as so many gun scribes had written over the years. It was also tough to feed, in the rural area in which we were operating. The only bullets we could round up with any regularity were the Hornady 25 gr HP, and those were hit and miss at best. In those pre-internet days it was a bit tought to find custom makers unless you lucked out and found and add in a magazine, or made a connection with a fellow small cal fanatic. But . . .One could always make their own.

We had already exchanged our first set of bullet swage dies for a much more precise set up and had been making high quality .224" bullets for a while. So a set of .172" dies was arranged, and appropriate components were wrangled, and soon enough we were kicking out tiny little varmint slayers, for our growing collection of tiny bored rifles. We were soon feeding a 17 Mach IV, a 17 Ackley Hornet, a 17-222, and were search for more all the time. Eventually this lead us to contact with other sub caliber shooters, and before we knew it we were selling some of our little bullets to our fellow enthusists.

By todays standards those bullets were a bit crude. We used mostly drawn jackets at first, and we had to draw our wire from lead billets on a homemade press and die. (Who say's wood splitters are only for wood!)they were also a fairly blunt profile. But they worked, and we had different weights than the standard 25 gr. And it was fun!  Other interests and responsibilities eventually curbed our sub caliber bullet efforts for a time. But a few years ago we became involved with THE GUNHAUS BULLETS, and our interest was peaked again in sub caliber production. When The Gunhaus went up for sale we bought it up and started to produce their line of fine 17, 20, and 23 caliber bullets.

In addition to these small caliber bullets, we offer our line of cast bullets in calibers from 32 through 50 in a wide variety of weights, styles, alloys, and sizes. We have a great deal of flexibility in operation and we can accomadate most special request for the cast bullet shooter, without added expense. These bullets are all hand  cast, and sized fir the utmost in precision craftsmanship.

We are also developing a number of bullets in larger calibers for both target and game work, and we have begun work on a line of high quality jacketed handgun bullets for the handgun hunter. We'll be adding these as they are perfected so keep watch.

We also continue to work on gun repairs and tune ups on a daily basis. We offer a full line of services, and a number of packages, on rifles, handguns, and shotguns, including finishing-refinishing services, such as hot-dip blue, rust blue, parkerizing, and nickel plate. Let us know what you want,

Our latest venture is into the field of bullet swageing dies and equipment. We have added and developed several new products and we will be featuring these on the swage page.

To order any of our products simply e-mail or call with what you want and we will help make all the arrangements. Details are on the order page.

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